Why centimedia?

Year after year, researchers have less and less time for doing actual research, because of an ever increasing list of administrative tasks they never asked for: reports and meetings on their own and others' research projects, on proposals, planned proposals, their teaching and their students' feedback, increasing their impact, the impact of their impact, ... . The list goes on.

The aim of Centimedia is to save academics as much time as possible, by offering flexible services from webdesign and site maintenance to text editing and illustrations. I want to listen to you and propose a solution that is convenient for you, not me.

I can help you whether you need me to design and host a personal homepage or a research group's site, to update your institute-hosted project site, or deliver some illustrations for your presentation or journal article. You choose if you want me to continue updating your site or to teach you how to do it yourself, whether you want to use a free editor, Adobe's DreamWeaver, or a content management system (CMS) like Joomla. Given the right information — say a CV, key papers, and a project submission — I can quickly put the homepage online that will please you and your funders: this can include a background for the project, a description of your research plans and envisaged collaborators, links to and descriptions of team members, upcoming events, and so forth.

Why specifically work for academics? Simple, with a personal background in academia (Phd in Theoretical Evolutionary Biology, Leiden University 2008) and being married to an academic, I know what form and content academic stakeholders expect in a project site, will edit your references to the specific format you want, do not need to be told that a coauthored book should be more prominent than an edited volume, ... . In short: I speak your language, and understand your needs.

Email me for your personal homepage or project website, your content editing or graphical needs, or any related request.