Hosting costs

If you do not have your own hosting provider, Centimedia charges £30 per year to host your website.

This includes an available domain name of your choosing (.org, .com, .eu, .net, or similar), and email addresses of the form name@your.domain. Such email can be accessed via your web browser, or forwarded to addresses of your choosing.

Setup costs

Standard personal/project website

For a flat fee of £650 you will receive the following:

Plus-sized personal/project website

Sketch of 8page website layout: 8pg, 100ref, 4000w content For a flat fee of £900 you will receive a website as above, but:

Custom or existing website

If you have special requirements like an integrated blog, multilingual text, content management (CMS) or others, please describe your needs carefully and we will discuss them by email, telephone or Skype video call. I will check if there are problematic restrictions due to your chosen hosting setup (e.g., no scripts allowed on many institutes' personal homepages), and find out if we can resolve them.

If you have an existing website that you would like to be rewritten, I will carefully study it and advise you whether to restart from scratch or to alter the existing content, and propose a budget for both options.

Maintenance costs

Extra years of updates can be bought at £250 for twelve monthly updates budgeted at 40 minutes each.

Custom work

If you need your existing website updated, for example on an institute's CMS-mediated system (e.g., TerminalFour in the UK), please contact me with a description of the work and we can budget the amount of work required.

Such editing work, as well as other custom work like image manipulation and illustrating, will be undertaken at £30 per hour or less.

The design of a logo typically comes to £100–400, depending on how complex your request is, and how clear you make your preferences: ideally the first version needs maybe just some tweaking of the colour scheme, instead of parts being endlessly added, removed, altered and/or restored.

The illustrations shown on the Graphics page have all stayed below the £400 limit, and the graph shown above them was under £50: Given precise specifications, little communication and few versions are needed, saving both parties a lot of precious time.